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Analytics Services

Google Analytics Daily Reporting with Analytics

Aware of the need for accurate and real-time analytics to maximize return on investment (ROI) of your website, here at the SEO PPC pros the first thing we do is analyze your existing analytics system. We use this feedback to make the best decisions in order to generate the most relevant traffic to your website.

The Benefit of Analytics

Keyword data feedback, demographic feedback, chronological data feedback, page bounce rates, multi-variant A/B testing, geographic data, analytical trends, and much more.

Professional Analytics Installation and Monitoring

Our setup fee for basic analytics services is a one time $499 fee for sites up to 50 pages. In addition we offer monthly reporting at $99 a month.Google Analytics, Webstrends Yahoo Web Analytics, Omniture

For $299 monthly we will monitor your site daily and alert you to any alarming or promising trends in your website traffic data in real time so that you can react to market trends before the competition.

Our basic monitoring offerings utilize free Google analytics. However, any analytics software solution of your choice including Google Analytics, Webstrends, Yahoo Web Analytics, Omniture or more can be implemented. You purchase the analytics, we install and monitor for you. Basic monitoring setup is included in the $499 fee mentioned above; more robust systems and websites requiring special attention will be priced on a case-by-case basis.

Analytics Set Up and Monthly Reporting

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