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Best Call Tracking

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Call Tracking Metrics serves over 4000 businesses around the world in over 30 countries. Call Tracking makes it easier than ever to set up tracking numbers. Identify which of your marketing channels are generating call leads. Leads that result in conversions. It is in our opinion the Best Call Tracking.

Best Call Tracking - Call Tracking Metrics

Best Call Tracking – Call Tracking Metrics

The Call Tracking Setup process is simple:

  1. Select the plan that works best for you. We have plans for businesses and agencies.
  2. Buy a tracking number for each channel you want to track. We offer local and toll-free numbers in 30 countries- and we are rolling out additional countries every month.
  3. Install our dynamic tracking script on your website and your business phone number will dynamically update to a tracking number based on how a visitor found your website (someone coming from a google organic search will see the google organic tracking number etc)
  4. Use our call log to instantly know valuable information about how each caller found you and who they are.
  5. View our reports to analyze your advertising performance and make smart investments going forward to maximize incoming phone calls.

Features of the product include:

  • Database of thousands of local and toll-free tracking numbers to choose from so you can chose your own number.
  • Free ports from other carriers and therefore take your numbers with you.
  • Dynamic tracking script to place on your website to enable your phone number to dynamically update to a tracking number.
  • Use Call recordings of sales calls so you can evaluate your sales reps.
  • Customized message to play to callers in advance of call to provide information or annoucements.
  • Whisper announcing source of call to receiver Auto-email alerts for incoming calls.
  • Identification of search keywords and PPC match keywords associated with call to isolate ROI.
  • A call log that allows you to view source of call. Track the keywords associated with the call.
  • You can also add notes to call, as well as tag calls, or even use email recordings of calls.
  • Unlimited number of users can be added to each account.
  • Custom reports can be built and emailed out at regular intervals.
  • Integration with Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics and also Adwords.
  • Advanced routing such as IVR Menus, geo-routing and schedules.

Call Rail – Try Now

CallRail call tracking will help you make more money by identifying the marketing channels that make the phone ring. Track phone ca

Best Call Tracking - Call Rail

Best Call Tracking – Call Rail

lls from anywhere: online and offline!

Two Styles of Call Tracking:

  • Source-Level Call Tracking: Create one phone number per marketing campaign and understand which sources are driving calls. Use CallRail dynamic number insertion to easily implement source-level call tracking on your website.
  • Keyword-Level Call Tracking:Discover which organic and PPC search keywords are driving phone conversions.

Instant Setup

  • No Contract and also No Setup Fees
  • Call Reporting and also Analytics
  • Real-Time Dashboard, hence Rea-Time Reporting
  • Simple Website Integration
  • WordPress Plugin and also Dashboard
  • Google Analytics as well as Event Tracking

Best Call Tracking

Best of all, The SEO PPC Pro’s will assist in installation of the call tracking script.

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