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Google Adwords Alternatives PPC more or less = Google AdWords‎. Yes there are other PPC traffic channels, but none of them come close to google AdWords‎ in sophistication or traffic. However, some google adwords alternatives are worth considering for small time marketers. In addition to managing PPC accounts for clients, some of the specialists here also run their own affiliate marketing campaigns. We recently spoke with an affiliate manager at Neverblue. We asked him directly - What are...

What should be strategy for keywords with company names (i.e. teledirect call center)? It really depends on the situation.  In some industries companies have locked down branding terms, so there is little or no chance you can bid on these keywords and maintain a good CTR, because often the company itself, there partners, resellers, and even there affiliates are bidding on these keywords.  However, in some cases the company may be small enough, or the industry...

What The Heck Does Boom User List Added Mean? That is a great question. I asked myself that question when I got it while managing one large account. I emailed AdWords support over and over and got evasive answers. Maybe they were trying to hide that they just didn't know the answer. Finally, after escalating this to engineering, I found out that it was probably a problem with the (at the time) new Google re-marketing system. Now, I...