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Duplicate Keywords | Hunt Down and Eliminate Duplicate Keywords with AdWords Editor

Duplicate Keywords | Hunt Down and Eliminate Duplicate Keywords with AdWords Editor

Duplicate Keywords in your pay-per-click marketing campaigns can make it difficult to accurately track individual keyword performance. These Keywords also bid against each other. Google’s AdWords Policy doesn’t specifically confirm or deny if they compete against each other at the auction level, or if it is at the pre-auction level. However, they do make sure to note that duplicate keywords do in fact compete with each other.  Once you decide to clean up your campaign there is a great tool to use. The Find Duplicate Keywords Tool within the Adwords Editor.

Additionally, having these same keywords make it harder to split test ads if they are in different ad groups or campaigns. Some of the impression your ad gets will be from one, and other impressions will be from another. If the account in question is a low volume account, it might make it difficult to get to statistical significance on either of the ads when a/b multi-variant testing.

Use the AdWords Editor to find Duplicate Keywords.

Within AdWords Editor use the Find Duplicate Keywords tool to locate keywords that are repeated in your account, campaign, or ad groups. There are various setting within the tool. These settings are within the Find Duplicate Keywords tool. This tool allows you to specific whether to look at the account, campaign, or adgroup level.

  1. Go to the AdWords Editor Tools Menu > Find Duplicate Keywords or go to the View Drop Down Menu > Duplicate Keywords.
  2. This is where you select the part of your campaigns where you want to locate keyword duplicates. Select the box next to the account name to search the whole account, or select specific campaigns or ad groups.
  3. Select the criteria for your where you would like to locate duplicate keywords. Following are your choices:
    • Word order – Do you want the word order to matter? Select ‘Strict word order’ to treat ‘ppc best practices’ as a different keyword from ‘best practices ppc’. Select ‘Any word order’ if word order doesn’t matter.
    • Match types – Do you want the same keyword with a different match type qualify as a duplicate?
    • Location of duplicates – Is your goal to find duplicates only when they exist within the same ad group or the same campaign, or do you want to find any duplicates across the entire account?
    • Optional: Hide duplicates – You also may choose to hide duplicates in deleted, ended, or paused, campaigns and adgroups.
  4. Now Click Find Duplicate Keywords.

Duplicate Keywords

The duplicate keywords tool will do the magic and duplicates will appear in a list on the Keywords section. From here, you can edit or delete them as necessary. For additional information, see google adwords editor help page on this issue.

Expert Tip

If you have a very large number of keywords to sort, sort the list using column descending or ascending.




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