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AdWords vs Bing ads

AdWords vs Bing ads

Google Ads vs Bing adsGoogle Ads vs Bing ads, which is better for you? The simplest answer is, there isn’t one!  There is no easy always correct answer to this question of Google Ads vs Bing ads. In fact the answer to this question depends on many factors. The Google Ads vs Bing ads question cannot and should never be answered as a simple binary choice. Here we will attempt to bring to light a few of the considerations.

If you’re looking for volume there’s no question that Google Ads vs Bing ads the winner is Google as it has the largest market share when it comes to search. It is unbeatable in that respect. Google Ads simply has the Lion’s Share of the search traffic. No matter what industry you’re in, you can expect Google Ads search traffic to be more than double that of Microsoft Ad Center. So in Google Ads vs Bing ads Google 1, Bing 0.

What if for Google Ads vs Bing ads question volume is unlimited for the time being.

This would be the case with a super high volume search terms such as “advertising”. You may never reach a budget amount that would satisfy all these searches. Therefore, in Google Ads vs Bing ads that is only a concern in the distant future if ever. In a case such as this, cost-per-click and most importantly cost per acquisition is ultimately the deciding factor. CPA however will vary from industry to industry when it comes to Google Ads vs Microsoft adCenter.

Google Ads vs Bing ads

Ongoing optimization is yet another key factor.

Many businesses start with Google AdWords and then sync their campaigns over to Microsoft Adcenter as an afterthought. There is even a synchronization tool with an Ad Center.  Use this tool to directly import your Google Ads settings. The problem with this is that the optimization in this case is for Google Ads specifically. If a business relies a Google import for Adcenter only optimization there is an issue. It will be nearly impossible to ever realize ad centers full potential without Ad Center optimization.

Then there is the cost of the optimization or PPC management.

Many companies offer AdWords management but not so many of them also offer Microsoft Adcenter campaign management. These companies often have tools to make the job faster with Google Ads, even API Scripts, other scripts, and even custom tools to streamline Google Ads management. This is not the case for Microsoft Ad Center. While Microsoft Adcenter has been playing catch up for a while now it is still far behind. It is especially behind when it comes to the ease of PPC campaign management. The net effect of this will be increased management costs if you need to hire an agency or individual to manage these ads.

That being said , Both Google Ads and Microsoft AdCenter offer editors to make campaign management easier. Both of these software tools have similar capabilities and make campaign management a breeze compared to the early days. In the early days campaign managers had to load any web page just to make a single bid change. Of the two, AdWords editor is no doubt the more developed software tool. Adcenter Editor is however a great tool.

In conclusion, it is difficult to to definitively answer the question which is better for your business Google AdWords versus Microsoft add Center. However, after reading the considerations on this page hopefully you’ll have a better idea of what will benefit your business more today.

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