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Other Services

Blog Hosting

Hosting with service. Call in and actually get some help, talk to a human that is in the United States. We wont stop until your problem is solved. Up to four hours of dedicated hosting support monthly for $49.99. This includes support for one blog, one of our professional tech support specialist with experience helping everyone from basic local business owners, to Hollywood actors and actresses, to full on affiliate marketers needing help with the newest and best marketing advice out there. With this plan, if you use our four hours of customer support, we guarantee increased web site traffic or you hosting is free that month.

 Blog Setup/Installation/Hosting

Whether you select a WordPress or another solution, we will install, and host your blog site for a setup fee of $399 with a $49.99 monthly full service plan, or select the “do it yourself” plan for $19.99, where you get FTP/Control panel login and that’s about it.

 Social Media Marketing

Looking for a Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr… you name it pro? Whether your a Hollywood Celebs, or just a popular local club, we can handle it all for you. We setup accounts, we manage accounts, we post info from email you send us, we contract with copywriters to make sure your social media presence is there.

 CMS Setup/Installation/Hosting

Weather its WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal or another full featured CMS, we will install and setup a template theme for a one time fee of $399, with one of the hosting packages mentioned above.

 Link Building

Link building by SEO experts located in the United States.

 Email Marketing

We manage and run a full email marketing campaign. Weather you are starting from scratch, or looking to outsource the work. We’ve got you covered.

 SEO Friendly Web site Hosting

Looking for web site hosting with your SEO objectives in mind? You have found it. $20 monthly gets you the basics, $50 monthly gets you full services and quick SEO advice from an SEO Pro up to two hours a month.

 Economy Hosting

Low site traffic? Looking to get your foot in the door, but not pay an arm and a leg. Try our Economy Hosting Plan at $9.99 a month. You get your own Plesk Control Panel Login, and the ability to manage your hosting account from within that control panel.

 Full Service Hosting

Full service hosting $49 a month. This is when you want a tech support professional to dive into your hosting issues with a single call or email. This monthly plan entitles you to four free hours of phone consultation/help per month. Full service accounts include your own Plesk login, and the ability to manage your hosting all by yourself. You simply purchase a domain, point your domain at our servers, within our Plesk Control Panel set up you hosting account. Up to Five Domains allowed on this plan. The real benefit here though is, full service from one of our Technical support specialist who have experience coaching clients for all shapes and sizes. From small business owners, to artists, to full on affiliate marketers our coaches have experience helping everyone.

 Video Editing – Video Editing for SEO

Basic to Intermediate video editing specialized in video for the web. With a focus on Video Editing editing and submission for SEO and Video Ranking. $50 per hour and project based bidding.

 Image Editing

Looking to have some old pictures spruced up for the family album? We provide this service and add special attention to detail for SEO. We take the time to research keywords to describe your photo, and we label the photos meta date accordingly. This way if you ever use this photo online, you will reap small buy noteworthy image ranking results, and the photos will add to the overall SEO friendliness of your web site. For image editing, we’ve got you covered.

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