Basic Audit of your Pay Per Click Campaigns and Local SEO. If you are a small or medium sized business, your Pay Per Click Ad Spend and Local SEO are critical to the success of your business.

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Why Pay Per ClickImage of PPC Networks

Pay Per Click, sometimes also referred to in the industry as SEM or Search Engine Marketing is possibly the quickest and easiest way generate traffic to your website. A good PPC campaign can be the quickest way to increased profits if you are an online retailer. If you are not an online retailer with a brick and mortar business, Pay Per Click can also help your business by sending valuable local traffic within a geographic radius around your location to your website where you will have the opportunity to sell potential clients on good deals, weekly sales, new products and much much more.

Pay Per Visitor

The best thing about pay per click is that you pay for actual visitors who have clicked on your advertisement. Compare this to other traditional marketing efforts where you pay for a small section on some printed material such as a magazine, newspaper, or flyer. Your small ad only appeals to a very small percentage of people, yet you pay a very high rate. With PPC every person you pay for is directly interested in your product or service offering.

Our PPC Hit-List

Ongoing Quality Score Refinements:

  • Improve Quality Score with new domain host in Texas to increase speed or,
  • Incorporate a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or,
  • Use static page caching with WordPress
  • “Stick and Peel” Adwords Keywords as needed to increase ad-to-keyword-to-landing-page relevancy
    • Write ads that incorporate main keyword and is specific…Track Performance
    • Take the keywords with the highest CTR, make them into their own ad groups
    • Write ads that incorporate the keyword in both headline and ad copy text
    • Monitor Performance

A/B testing text Ads:

  • Dynamic keyword insertion in headlines vs. static text.
    • Applied only to Ad Groups with small keywords lists so DKI is relevant.
  • Empty display URL tails vs. populated display URL tails
  • DKI in display URL tails vs. static
    • used only with highly relevant keywords
  • Capitalization Variables
    • Title case vs. sentence.
    • Capitalize within Display URL
  • Re-arrange and rewrite text ad titles, description 1 and description 2 lines
    • Call-to-action in line 1 of the ad vs.  in line 2
    • Product features vs. product benefits vs. branding.

Landing Pages Conversion Optimization:

  • Optimization & Testing
    • Horizontal eye-gaze flow vs. vertical
    • Analyze possible escape paths
    • Popup for users clicking to exit: “Are you sure?” message or a promo offer

Others A/B tests for Ads & Landing Pages:

  • Include price?
  • Scarcity/urgency message?
  • Customer testimonials?
  • Gallery-type landing pages (vs. keyword-focused content)
  • Interactivity on landing pages (video, sections with flash)

General Ad Delivery and A/B Testing:

  • AdWords’ default Optimize: show better performing ads more often” vs. “Rotate: show evenly.”
  • 50/50 split between ads ‘A’ and ‘B’ vs. 80/20, 75/25 or 67/33 traffic splits
  • Target specific ad position or rank vs. showing ads in any position

A/B Testing of Ad Scheduling

  • Computing cost per lead per hour and by day; adjust scheduling if warranted

A/B Testing of Geo-Targeting

  • A/B testing of geo-location targeting and re-targeting
    • Metro targeting vs. zip code targeting vs. radius targeting
    • Overlay zips with home values
    • Have offices delete weak zip codes
  • Geo-targeted with general keywords vs. a larger campaign with geo-specific keywords
    • “PPC Company” vs.”PPC Companies in San Diego”

A/B Testing Device Targeting:

  • Restrict campaign to exclude smart phones
  • Test and possibly also restrict to tablets

A/B Testing of bidding as more historical data becomes available:

  • Consider automatic CPC bidding if warranted
  • Consider automatic Cost per Lead bidding (conversion optimizer)

Launch campaigns on MSN/Bing

  • Structure campaigns using most successful tactics from optimized Google campaigns.

Expand AdWords‎ to Display Network: Text and Banner Ads on Targeted:

  • Website category inclusions and exclusions
  • Page-type exclusions vs. no page-type exclusions. (forums, error pages, parked domains.)
  • Demographic bids
  • Managed placement, vs. keywords
  • Launch Image Ads: A/B testing
  • demographically targeted image and rich media ads.
  • network specific targeting & re-targeting.
  • demographic targeting & re-targeting.
  • Average income level or home value?
  • Age targeting

Software Solutions:

  • Consider invest in bidding & reporting software.

This is the short list, learn more about our PPC Strategy.

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