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437 S Olive St, Los Angeles


SEO Coach

SEO Coach for Hire

Looking for a SEO coach who is an effective communicator as well as a patient teacher and also an actual expert strategist?  You have definitely come to the right place.  We have a Search Engine Optimization coach that is right for you and trained on the latest, SEO, techniques.  However one defines  “optimization” our definition is optimization through a  coach that blends quality work in the industry with coaching and continual study of the profession.  Such on-going practical work and study by your coach is necessary as the industry strategies and trends change rapidly.  Remaining time is spent by coaches studying the strategies and trends produced and practiced by Tony River and other well-known industry gurus such as Aaron Wall and Rand Fishkin.

This devotion to staying ahead of the game ensures that you will consult with an SEO coach who is ahead, not behind of the latest algorithmic changes from Google and its competitors.  Your personal SEO coach will walk you through a step-by-step plan to dominate your chosen keyword niche market.  Starting with a discussion of detailled keyword research and domain suggestions, training will transition to website development, article creation, blogging, info graphics, link building, social media techniques that work, as well as expert insights from Google analytics and other, relevant analytic platforms.



SEO Coach specializing in Affiliate Marketing


Tony River is an expert at SEO.  He does not work for anyone but himself.  Tony has over 150 websites and fully supports his lavish lifestyle with the income generated from his expertise in SEO and his personal management of his websites which generate income for him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  His time is precious to us as he only consults a few hours a week by appointment.  You can personally consult with him via telephone for $200 an hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays only.



SEO Coach specializing in Technical On-Page SEO

Robert Ferguson is an expert SEO strategist with an emphasis for On-Page Techniques.  Robert is a master at Drupal SEO techniques, WordPress SEO, Joomla SEO, Magneto SEO, as well as having vast experience with template websites such as SEO for Netsuite and others. 

Robert has worked in majority competitive markets such as anti-virus software marketing as well as on-line and traditional marketing for shoe sales.  Like Tony River, Robert has a vast amount of technical knowledge at his disposal to share, and, like Tony Rivers, Robert is an experienced and successful affiliate marketer who lives off his internet websites. 

Robert has also personally ranked many small businesses, real estate agents, and local services throughout North America.  Hire Robert as your SEO coach today for $50 an hour.  Robert is available by appointment both days and evenings and as his schedule permits on weekends.     




SEO Coach specializing in Link Building

James Harrison and expert at SEO with an emphasis on article creation and off page SEO or Link Building. His use of social media to build SEO value through full follow back links is industry trend setting.  You can read about James Harrison at jameseo.com, or hire his team of SEO specialists at “SEO By The Hour”.  James is also the Director of Search Marketing at SEOHaus, a San Diego California based SEO firm.  You can hire James for $50 per hour evening and weekend consultations available.




SEO Coach specializing in Communication


Sam Kim is an SEO strategist in San Diego. What sets Sam Kim apart from the others here is his ability to communicate and instruct just about anyone as he is first and foremost a people person. He specializes in WordPress blog optimization, and knows exactly which technical WP settings to implement for SEO performance on search engines.  He will walk you through WP plug-in installation and activation with all the correct optimized settings.  He also brings lots of knowledge about social media sharing through setup and optimization, internal linking, on-page SEO, and link building. Book Sam Kim as an SEO Coach for $50 per hour.  Evening and weekend consultations are available.



Hire an SEO Coach

Hire a top SEO coach today with one of our experienced coaches.  We have SEO coaches that are trained on the latest techniques.  The requirements of an SEO Coach here at 8 hour shift, but a maximum of 4 hours a day are spent as an SEO Coach, while the rest of the time is allocated to reading and studying about the latest SEO strategies and trends.

SEO Coach Plan

  1. Keyword Research
    1. Market Identification
    2. Needs Assessment
    3. Profitable Keyword Analysis
    4. Domain Suggestions if applicable
    5. Platform Analysis Discussion
  2. CMS Platform Implementation
    1. CMS Platform Selection Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, HTML, or other.
    2. CMS Platform Setup
    3. CMS Platform Optimization
  3. On-Page SEO
    1. On-Page SEO Basics
    2. Advanced On-Page Techniques
    3. Content Creation techniques
    4. Written Optimization Techniques
    5. Photo Content Optimization Techniques
    6. Video Content Optimization Techniques
    7. Other Optimization Techniques
  4. Link Building
    1. Building Links in Social Networks
    2. Building Links in Online Directories
    3. Building Links through Article Submission
    4. Building Links through blog commenting
    5. Building Links with Content Link Baiting
    6. Building Links through Social Interaction
    7. Building Links through Non Published Methods


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