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SEO Fitness Workbook, 2018 Edition

SEO Fitness Workbook, 2018 Edition

SEO Fitness Workbook, 2018 Edition: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success on Google

SEO Fitness Workbook

SEO 2018: search engine optimization made easy.

The 2018 updated edition. A best-selling book on SEO.

  • On-page – How to build a website that talks to Google. Then ranks as a result.
  • Off-page – link-building, blogging, and social mentions. Explained in simple English.
  • Metrics – In-depth coverage of Google Analytics. Then additionally, how to measure your rank on Google.
  • Free tools – Most noteworthy, this includes a companion SEO tool-book with hundreds of free tools. Marketing tools and in in addition tools for search engine optimization.
  • Reviews – hear the reviews of the SEO Fitness Workbook is available in  almost in all formats: print, Kindle, and audio-book
  • SEO in plain English – In addition Jason McDonald PhD (Author), and Michael Puttonen (Narrator), guide you in simple language to the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo

SEO Fitness Workbook: More than an Audiobook

The SEO Fitness Workbook is a great workbook. Other books on SEO are often just SEO Books. Additionally, other SEO Books are junk. They attempt to sell consulting services or esoteric mumbo-jumbo by self proclaimed called experts. Plus, those books are for those who are already experts. In welcome contrast, the SEO Fitness Workbook book is written in a voice. For a now expert audience. Consequently, SEO book provides practical step-by-step instructions. How to optimize your website to the top of Google. Then, to rank in Yahoo. Finally, to dominate Bing SERPS. This SEO Book is easy to follow. It is built upon years of real experience. A course meant for teaching methodology of Jason McDonald PhD (Author). Jason has this course in his classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. This SEO Course has been taught at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies program.

Note-worthily, this SEO book is practical. The SEO Fitness Workbook explains SEO in plain English, hence there are practical to-dos in each chapter. This is a workbook, not a book! The SEO Fitness Workbook is a do-it-now, check-list, get-it-done guide to search engine optimization in 2018. As a result, SEO Book is not a speak mumbo-jumbo and intimidate you into analysis paralysis type of book.

Available on Amazon, buy this SEO Book today and read or even better listen to it! Review it on your way to work on audible.  Listening to the SEO Fitness Workbook is also great when trying to sleep! Jason McDonald PhD (Author) and Michael Puttonen (Narrator), will put you to sleep or educate you!


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