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SEO Services

Professional search engine optimization servicesThe SEO Life Cycle

Full website dedicated SEO. Your budget is the limit. One of our search engine optimization engineers, or even a small team will dive into your websites code and content to fully optimize your site page by page, directory by directory, line of code by line of code. Our team of search engine optimization engineers is on the cutting edge of acceptable white hat practices and well aware of all tactics to make a site rank, and concentrate on only those ranking factors that are rewarded by the major search engines Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

On page search engine optimization

Keyword in the universal resource locator, keyword in the domain name (if applicable), keyword used in title to ask, your use description meta-tag, keyword and keyword meta-to ask, keyword density and body text, keyword use in headers, keyword font size, keyword proximity, keyword phrase order, keyword phrase order, keyword prominence, keyword alt text, keyword and links to sites pages, internal site link structure, general navigation, file sizes, keyword stemming, error-checking and page validation, Seo copyrighting rephrasing rewording, image labeling of attributes leveraging, and many more factors.

Minimize negative on page factors

We will avoid use of image headers convert to text, keep safely clear of the over optimization penalty, check/remove links to bad neighborhoods, miss-use of redirects, inappropriate language, poison words, excessive cross-linking, copyright infringement, images, text-blocks, keyword spam/stuffing, and many more factors.

Off page factors

We will maximize on page factors such as; Page Rank of pages linking to your site, incoming links and backlinks to your site, anchor text of links to your site, links age of links to your site, the general popularity of pages linking to your site, the number of links on pages that link to your site, the position of links on linking page to your site, the keyword density of the linking pages to your site, but relevance of linking page, title tag, is the link from an authoritative page, link type, image link, JavaScript links, directory submissions, DMOZ, Yahoo, smart and others.

Off page negative factors

Off page negative factors could be diminishing your SEO efforts.  In some cases, just the elimination of negative SEO factors can make a huge difference both on page and off page.  We will minimize off page negative factors such as; bad links, age of links, paid links, and cloaking.

Reasonable Rates for Professional Service

We charge SEO by the hour, you decide how many hours you want us to spend, and we bill you for those hours only. When considering all the above factors and expertise required to execute these factors and efficient and timely manner agencies charge up to $150 per hour for professional agency level search engine optimization services. At the SEO PPC pros all we do is search marketing, no sales managers, no fast talking account managers, no operations managers, and no traditional media overhead. All we do is search marketing, our overhead is low so we are able to charge professional SEO services starting at $75 per hour with agency level search engine optimization results.

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