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Accelerated Ad Delivery vs. Standard Ad Delivery Learn a better Strategy

Accelerated Ad Delivery vs. Standard Ad Delivery Learn a better Strategy

Accelerated ad delivery. One thing I almost always notice on campaigns, is that most of them are set to rotate ads evenly. Standard delivery. I have never understand this. I’ve always changed to accelerated ad delivery. In most cases this is the best idea. With accelerated ad delivery you have more control. Control of all the bidding process.

accelerated ad delivery

Set campaigns up correct. Do the work ahead of time. Pick exactly the keywords that you want. Write only good, very on topic ads.  Put in the time and effort. Now, why not show ads as quickly as possible with accelerated ad delivery?  Accelerated ad delivery shows your AdWords ads to everybody who is wants to see info about your product or service.

I understand the other opinions. Some AdWords specialists are against accelerated ad delivery. “You don’t want your money to run out by 10 o’clock in the morning”.  My answer; “your not focusing on the right keywords with the correct ads, and the right settings. With accelerated ad delivery a budget should not run dry 10AM in the morning. Turn off currently selected keywords and ads. Why would you possibly want to keep at a loss?  Turn the budget off. Spend a few days going through every ad group. Filter the inbound searches per adgroup. Chose only top performing ads. Turn the AdWords campaign back on.

Pause the non profitable Ads. Use only the Ads that have a positive ROAS. Or the ads the are the most close. Then run ads at full throttle with accelerated ad delivery settings. Use up those budgets as soon as possible everyday. Use profitable ads and keywords that work for your business.

I’m not saying that I want to run all day. For example from 1 o’clock in the morning until my budget rent out with accelerated ad delivery. One scenario is when campaign settings are set to accelerated ad delivery. And when there is plenty of traffic on the keywords & adgroups targeted. In this case accelerated ad delivery may be a better strategy for day parting. Turn keywords & adgroups on at 11 am with campaigns set to accelerated ad delivery the rest of the day. By 11am competitors using accelerated ad delivery may have used up all, a majority, or least a good portion their budgets. Sweet! I am left to show my ad as soon as possible the rest of the targeted hours.

Congratulations, you have begun to strategize with accelerated ad delivery. Most competition, especially the big national competitors are still using standard. You are in new territory with accelerated ad delivery. Try new bidding strategies until one works for your campaign. For day-parting in the right targeted market, using accelerated ad delivery try creative schedules. Try starting a budget at 1:00 PM. If you have a very small budget try as last as 3 o’clock or 5 o’clock. There are only so many clicks an AdWords budget, so start with the the cheapest clicks possible using accelerated ad delivery.

In regards to your competitors. If you know that their AdWords traffic is flowing all day long.  Why not try this accelerated ad delivery strategy? Wait until competitors have used up their daily budget. Then come on strong with accelerated ad delivery. This accelerated ad delivery strategy is similar to a sprinter entering a marathon race, 1000 yards before the finish line.  Be the sprinter running far ahead of the pack for the duration of a short race. Using this accelerated ad delivery strategy I guarantee your average price per click (CPC) and your average price per conversion (CPR) will be lower than the competition who is battling it out with each other during the first few business hours of the day.

Try this accelerated ad delivery strategy:

1. Optimize Keywords & Ads.

2.Turn on accelerated ad delivery.

3. Watch daily search queries.

4. Bump your ads to turn on an hour earlier.

5 Repeat steps 1-3.

6. Slowly. methodically. Dominate your market.


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