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What is PPC and what can PPC do for your business?

What is PPC and what can PPC do for your business?

Have you ever noticed some advertisements that show up alongside the organic search results on search engines? If you have, you are already familiar with PPC advertising.
What is PPC?

The elaboration of PPC is pay-per-click. It is one kind of internet marketing in which advertisers pay an amount each time their ad is clicked. The goal of the PPC ad is to buy visits to your site in place of earning those visits organically.
Search engines are popular platforms for advertising. You will be able to display ads that are relevant to the topics users searching for. Google Ads and some other advertising services are operated with real-time bidding (RTB). In this process, advertising items are sold in a private automated auction-based on real-time data.

How Paid Search Works?

Every time a visitor clicks your ad and visits your website, you have to pay the search engine an amount of fee. A number of things such as bid amount, quality of the ad, etc. decide the winner who will be in the top spot of the search engine result page.
Every time an ad spot is opened on a search engine results, an auction for the keywords takes place. These actions actually keep the pace of PPC moving. When users search for something on search engines, the auction process begins. If advertisers have ads similar to the user’s query, an auction starts based on keywords. The winning ads appear on the search engine result page. Advertisers need to have accounts on platforms like Google ads etc. to take part in these auctions. They need to set up the ads and select when and where they want their ads to appear. Accounts are divided into campaigns to determine product types, locations, and other categorizations. Campaigns are again split into ad groups that contain relevant ads and keywords.

How PPC can help to grow your business?

Google searches create ample opportunities for online companies to reach their audience. PPC opens the door for targeting and reaching potential customers who are searching for your service or products so that you don’t miss any single opportunity. Here are some insights on how PPC can help your business grow: Consistent and immediate traffic: The marketing mode of running campaigns and getting immediate traffic is PPC. It takes only half an hour or so to set up a PPC campaign. New websites that are looking for quick visibility or exposer can be benefitted a great deal using this advertisement method. Getting immediate traffic is not enough, website traffic should be consistent. A sudden huge amount of traffic at a time can cause serious damage to your website. So, traffic consistency matters. PPC helps you keep a consistent number of inbound traffic all the time as the number of traffic depends on the advertiser who usually pays for each click. Quick result: There is no doubt that organic search traffic is the best way to generate website visit but, it takes time to start generating a result. PPC helps you to run a targeted campaign thus showing the result immediately.

Controls advertising cost: PPC advertising allows you to pay as you go. You can stop or pause the advertisements that are underperforming. There are no long-term obligations. You can run ads and decide the costing according to the requirements of your website. Analyzing ad performance in real-time: Unlike other conventional marketing methods, PPC allows you to analyze the performance of your ads in real-time. It helps you get real-time data that let you include a promotion, play with keywords or change verbiage. PPC analytics also show you demographic data that helps in planning and overall marketing strategy.

Reach the right people at the right time: As PPC allows you to target people based on keywords, location, gender, Google AdWords helps you find potential customers. You can be 100% sure that your business is found by the most appropriate customers.
You can measure ROI: You can see exactly what you are getting out of the amount paid for the ads. You can measure the number of clicks, and impressions you are getting from the ads and compare it to your revenues.

Brand exposer: Your brand gets exposure to those who used to have no idea about your business. Google AdWords places you at the top of the search result so that your business and message reach to the customers.

Increasing brand recognition with remarketing: PPC’s remarketing tool helps your brand get recognized significantly. Sometimes a customer, who is eager to make a connection, may need to see an ad multiple times. In this case, remarketing shows relevant ads to the customers on other web pages after visiting your website.

PPC campaigns may cost your business a bit but the result it brings is significantly better than organic campaigns. It allows you the flexibility to push the pause button and restart as of your requirement which, in turn, gives you the complete control of your campaigns.

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