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What the Heck Does Boom User List Added Mean?

What the Heck Does Boom User List Added Mean?

What The Heck Does Boom User List Added Mean? That is a great question. I asked myself that question when I got it while managing one large account. I emailed AdWords support over and over and got evasive answers. Maybe they were trying to hide that they just didn’t know the answer.

Finally, after escalating this to engineering, I found out that it was probably a problem with the (at the time) new Google re-marketing system.

Now, I am not sure what the difference is between these which I got directly from my Analytics data. If you know, please leave a comment below and enlighten us.

boom userlist::21144
boom userlist::77943
boom userlist::88944
boom userlist::78354
boom userlist::217088
boom userlist::353422
boom userlist::73010
boom userlist::94458
boom userlist::130571
boom userlist::145251
boom userlist::148230
boom userlist::157273
boom userlist::159279
boom userlist::165773
boom userlist::168270
boom userlist::177085
boom userlist::188103
boom userlist::202128
boom userlist::21144
boom userlist::218565
boom userlist::311288
boom userlist::50073
boom userlist::51985
boom userlist::52073
boom userlist::60147
boom userlist::77943
boom userlist::86243
boom userlist::88944


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